Welcome to the Connect Mid-Hudson Transit Study project website!

The Mid-Hudson Valley Transportation Management Area (MHVTMA) includes the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties. The three MPOs are charged with leading a comprehensive approach to transportation planning in the region, with a special focus on congestion management and transit coordination.

The Connect Mid-Hudson Transit Study is focused on identifying opportunities to improve transit connections between the three counties of the Mid-Hudson Valley study area, as well as between the three-county region and major employment hubs outside the region. Key areas of analysis include the effectiveness of intercity coach services; opportunities for new technologies and service models such as app-based microtransit service; capital improvements to alleviate congestion or capacity constraints at park-and-rides and along transit corridors; and a review of service performance and customer satisfaction monitoring.

A virtual public meeting was held on December 10th at 6:00 PM to present the key findings and recommendations of the study. The meeting presentation was recorded for those who were unable to join live. A video of the meeting is posted on the service recommendations page.

The full Final Report document is available on the downloads page.