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The Mid-Hudson Valley Transportation Management Area (MHVTMA) includes the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties. The three MPOs are charged with leading a comprehensive approach to transportation planning in the region, with a special focus on congestion management and transit coordination.

The Connect Mid-Hudson Transit Study is focused on identifying opportunities to improve transit connections between the three counties of the Mid-Hudson Valley study area, as well as between the three-county region and major employment hubs outside the region. Key areas of analysis include the effectiveness of intercity coach services; opportunities for new technologies and service models such as app-based microtransit service; capital improvements to alleviate congestion or capacity constraints at park-and-rides and along transit corridors; and a review of service performance and customer satisfaction monitoring.


A virtual public meeting will be held on December 10th at 6:00 PM to present the key findings and recommendations of the study. All interested members of the public are welcome to join. Instructions for joining the meeting can be found on the Events page of this website.

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